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Maxi Cab Singapore Metered And Flat Rate Cab Fares In Singapore

Are you aware of what the difference is between metered and flat rates when taking a maxicab? The terms are fairly easy to understand; flat rates are when you are charged a set amount regardless of distance and metered rates are charged according to how far you have travelled.

Maxi Cab 1 Way Transfer Maxi Cab Airport Transfer Maxi Cab Hourly Charter (Min 4hrs)
$60 $70 $50
15 minutes grace waiting time 60 minutes grace waiting time Unlimited stops within the booking

The Advantages Of Flat Rates 

When you are told there is a flat rate for a Singapore maxi cab, this means that distance will have no bearing on what you are charged. The only thing you have to be concerned about is how much you will have to pay. Some companies decide how much to charge based on how long you plan to have the vehicle available to you.

In some cases, you can expect to pay at least S$60 for a one-way fare. There are different riders that can benefit from being charged at a predetermined rate. 

Long-Distance Travelers

If you are the type of traveller who hires vehicles in order to get around the city and nearby towns, flat rates would greatly benefit you. All you need to do is figure out how long you would like to have access to the car. The rental company will use this to determine how much you should be charged for the service. With this type of fare, the distance you travel will not matter and you will not be responsible for any gas. All of this is calculated into the rate you have been quoted.

Renting cars by the hour is another option that is beneficial to long-distance travellers. This is the same as flat rates since you only have to pay for the time you have the vehicle, not the distance that has been travelled. The vehicle type you select will affect the rate you are offered. Smaller cars have lower rates than maxi cab Singapore.

Whole-Day Travelers

Many tourists in Singapore do not like the idea of using public transit. They are far more comfortable hiring a car and using it to get around the city for the day. This is a cost-effective way to get around and you can move around at your own pace since you will not have to worry about public transit schedules. The vehicles will have a GPS system to assist you in getting to popular attractions and there are often drivers available to make sure you get where you need to be.

Since you are going to have the vehicle available to you all day, there will be no need to know the exact distance you will be traveling. This is why getting a car at an hourly rate is ideal. many companies offer predetermined time slots, like 8-hour and 12-hour rentals. It is typically possible to personalize the rental according to the number of stops you want to make.

The Advantages Of Maxi Cab Singapore Metered Fares

Metered fares are calculated based on the distance you plan to travel. This is best suited for those who are going short distances. One example would be taking a car to the airport. In this case, you can take a cab that has a meter. Trying to get a flat rate for something like this means that you will be paying far more than necessary.

Metered cabs are similar to taxis, but they have more availability, which means that it would be far easier to gain access to one when needed. You can go to rental companies and get these vehicles anytime you need. When reserving one of these vehicles, it will be waiting at your door when you are ready to leave.

Whole-Day Travelers

If you do not plan on leaving the city, metered cabs are probably best. Going to the store or running an errand would not require a flat rate. This would be far too expensive. Heading to places that are not very far do not justify such a high price. You would save a great deal of money if you choose a car that has a meter.

Metered fares are less expensive in this case. This is because you are only required to pay for the distance travelled – nothing more. You will not be heading all over town and seeing all types of sights.

One-Way Travelers

If you are only headed to one place, you should consider a metered cab instead of one with a flat rate. It does not matter how long the trip is as far as time since you are charged according to the distance. This is important since traffic can be heavy at times and this is not your fault. Why should you have to pay for the time you are sitting in traffic? You will not be charged for this if you have a metered fare.

When going one way, you can save a great deal of money by using a metered car. An example would be heading to the airport, which is cheaper when using a meter than it is when a flat rate is charged. This is because you are only responsible for the distance you have travelled.

Before hiring a car, you should consider all of the reasons you want to do this. In Singapore, it is common to get stuck in traffic. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of these two options will help you determine which one meets your needs best. This will ensure you make a choice that offers the most benefit.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Singapore Maxi Cab

Are you and your family travelling to Singapore in the near future? More than likely you will not want to spend a huge amount of money on transportation if you have plans to visit some of the more popular tourist destinations. 

Instead, it is a better option to explore the country as a group. There is no need to worry about booking private cars or finding the best public transportation. This is when our Maxi cabs will come in handy so you can travel together. 

We have a wide selection of cars that can help in the transportation of seven or more people. 

Exactly What Is A Maxi Cab? 

Hiring a cab in Singapore is one of the most common tasks. However, the vast majority of cabs can only hold four people. In addition there is little room to accommodate a large amount of luggage. You may find yourself having to hire multiple cabs if you have a large group of people and luggage. 

Maxi cabs Singapore allow whole groups and families to travel together. Many of the locals will refer to a maxi cab as a maxi taxi. These specific vehicles are designed to easily carry seven passengers and luggage comfortably and securely. 

We offer a wide range of maxi cabs that can comfortably hold a large group of seven. In fact, we offer larger vehicles should you have more people in your party. One of the reasons our maxi cabs are so popular in Singapore is the fact that they are one of the most cost effective solutions. We never charge large amounts for a simple trip. This helps travelers to the city get around without having to spend all of their money on transportation. 

Pros And Cons Of Traveling With Maxi Cab Singapore 

Aside from simply being able to carry large numbers of people around Singapore there of other benefits of hiring a local maxi cab in Singapore.

Inexpensive Pricing

Consider how much money you would need to spend over the course of a vacation in Singapore just for cabs for a large group. In addition, you must factor in the waiting time for an empty cab to bring you to your destination. There is also the fact that it can be difficult to get the number of cabs needed all at once. Many cabs are not going to have that much extended space for luggage as well. 

However, when you hire a maxi cab Singapore, you are only paying for one vehicle. Many times the cost of hiring a maxi cab is going to be substantially lower than that of a traditional cab. We simply charge our customers by the distance and size of their vehicle.

Wheelchair Transportation

A regular cab is quite difficult to hire when in a wheelchair. Our fleet of maxi cabs offer dedicated space for passengers in a wheelchair. The seats are extra soft for a comfortable ride to the destination. The seat will also remain fastened with a belt. This will help to keep the passenger firmly secured during the journey. 

Plus the vast majority of our maxi cabs offer folding seats for our disabled passengers. If you do not have a wheelchair with you and need one to get around the city comfortably, we can arrange to bring one for you. Our professional drivers will offer assistance into and out of the maxi cab as well as help with belts. Their primary goal s to ensure that everyone has a safe and comfortable ride.

Event Transportation

Singapore has some of the most incredible venues. Regardless of whether it is an awards ceremony, birthday party or corporate event, the entire party can arrive on time and in style together. Maxi cab Singapore has the solution for your group travel needs. Some of our most luxurious models will not end up breaking the bank. It is possible to hire an incredible seven seater Mercedes limousine. These luxurious vehicles offer every amenity you could imagine with the ultimate ride to your event. 

You never have to worry about hidden costs in our service charge/ Once you have filled out the form for the car you need as well as location information we offer the specific amount of the trip. You will only pay extra if you need anything additional for the ride. Every maxi cab ride is offered at a fixed price regardless of the distance.

Large Fleets

We have the large range of maxi cabs in SIngapore. Many people believe that maxi cabs can only accommodate seven individuals. However, we offer transportation that can comfortably carry up to 13 people While out maxi cans are not as large as a traditional limousine or as small cabs, there is always plenty of rom. There is sure to be enough leg room and no one is going to feel cramped for space. 

We want to provide you with the best ride possible, so you will book again. We understand that traveling Singapore is always much more fun with a group. Whether you are coming from the airport, traveling to an event or simply seeing some of the local sights we will have the solution for your traveling.

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